About Me

Hello! I'm a passionate gamer and creator, known in the digital world as "Beyond the Ring." My love for Halo remains a core part of my identity, but my gaming interests have expanded far beyond. As an openly gay gamer, I've embraced a diverse range of games and stories, uniting Halo, board games, and a touch of Disney magic.

I've been a Halo enthusiast since Combat Evolved, drawn to its rich story and immersive gameplay. Now, I explore a wider universe of gaming, embracing everything from board games to the whimsical worlds of Disney.

Why "Beyond the Ring"?

This project stems from my desire to create a positive space in the gaming community. While I started with a focus on Halo, battling the tide of negativity, I've evolved to include a broader spectrum of gaming. My mission remains the same: foster positivity and a sense of community.

Expect balanced, engaging content that goes beyond just Halo, diving into various gaming universes, with a commitment to inclusivity and community spirit.

More Than Just Gaming

When I'm not exploring virtual worlds, I'm likely diving into science fiction, tech, or expressing myself through thematic tattoos. My interests are as varied as the content I create, from Mass Effect to The Matrix, and soon, a Halo-themed back piece tattoo.

Join me on this journey 'Beyond the Ring,' where Halo, board games, and Disney magic unite. Let's explore these diverse worlds together, bringing positivity and fun to our gaming community.