What Games Do I Cover?

While Halo remains a core focus, especially Halo Infinite and the MCC, I’ve expanded to cover a wider range of games. Expect discussions on board games, Disney-themed titles, and other video games.

Collaborations with Other Creators?

Open to collaborations, I look forward to partnering with creators who share a passion for gaming, Disney, and creating a positive community across different platforms.

Streaming on Twitch?

Yes, you can find a link to my twitch on the home page.

Am I on Reddit?

Yes, you can find my Reddit profile here. I used to be active on /r/Halo, but due to negativity, I’ve shifted to ShitHaloSays and LowSodiumHalo.

Video Content Focus?

Initially focused solely on Halo, my channel now explores a variety of gaming topics. Expect balanced discussions on all aspects of Halo, alongside content on board games, Disney, and more.

Community and Creator Critiques?

My aim is to maintain a positive and respectful community. I focus on constructive discussions about games and the gaming community, avoiding negative critiques of individuals or creators.

Gameplay in Videos?

The gameplay footage in my videos includes my own gaming experiences across various titles, with a focus on providing engaging and diverse content.